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Overload - text


That's enough,
Let me specify.
If karma exist, then you'd be dead a thousand times.
You think you're tough?

Come and look me in the eyes, let me be your reaper, repent all your crimes.

I've tried turning the other cheek, be the better man and don't be weak.
I overload.
I'm in fuck you mode and I'm about to explode,
So let's fight fight fight fight,
No matter what you always find a reason to fight fight fight fight
Every goddamn time.
Feeding on the living, like a leach you are depraving.
Only take there is no giving, hear me say

There's a special place for you in hell
Maybe you can tell
You have injected hate in my mind
So why don't you lay down and die
Time to say your last goodbyes.

I'm fed up, you really push your luck.
Can't believe you're so oblivious, everything about you just suck.
Wish you were lightning struck.
I'm so sick and tired of your selfishness.
Unspeakable behavior, somethings you just can't undo.
I've never met someone who act the way you do.
Just stay away, you trigger me, you're fueling all this hate.

What goes around comes around.
I really do believe that justice comes for all, this is my call.

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