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One Hour Stranger - text


Heart is beating.
Late night meeting.
Once again I'm here.
It's dirty cheating and the guilt just will not disappear.

But the thing we share will never be more than this, god I swear.
I'm conflicted, yet addicted to this love affair.
Can't seem to stop all this madness, you're like a magnet to me.
No way this won't end in sadness, but I'm not ready to leave.

I'll treat you just like an angel, then I'll be gone.
You know that I can't stay around.
The one hour stranger, it has been fun.
But times up and I'd better run.

Phone's vibrating, it's you who're baiting, and I receive a text.
Won't keep you waiting, so frustrating, because I know what will happen next.
I'll find a way to believe that you really need me, that there's no other way you'll get what you crave.
I try so hard to work out this bullshit, but I'm your bitch, I'm your fucking slave.

I know it's wrong but it just feels so right.
Can we keep on? So kill the lights.
The things we do, maybe just one more night?
I'm leaving by dawn, and stay out of sight.

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