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Monster (Feat. Jenny Fagerstrandh) - text


The weight of the air has been lighter lately.
Feels like I'm leaving ground to fly for the first time, when you're around.
It's stupid I know, I've been told how these kind of stories go.
I think that I'm going insane.
But I don't care I'll take your hand and fly again.

I'm in love with monster.
You are the reason I fear for myself.
A wicked game but I wonder,
Would it be the same without the pain?

Like moths to a flame I am drawn to you.
It's dangerous I know but I just can't help myself.
If you only knew.
This thing that we have is a chronic addiction,
I breathe through you.
A wonderful curse keeps me by your side,
I'm in love with the beast in you.

Yours forever, I swear.
Swear it's true.
Yours forever, if your dare.
Well, do you?
When the darkness grows in me, will this love truly set me free?

I look at you and I ask myself, would you follow me, would you follow me?
Because I would walk to the edge of the world, just be with you,
I'd follow through till the end.
Follow through till the end.
Follow through till the end.
Follow through till the end

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