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I'll be one less scattered
One less scarred, one less bound
One less divided by the ground you laid
The damage made
I won't be sold
Into your hallucinated hell
I never wanted to be here inside the fallout
Affiliation is a redefining hearse
I'm not the only one, I need a name
To separate me from the weak and the feign
Build your walls (take in the blessed)
Hide them all (shut out the rest)
Black out the windows and quiet the world
Pray that the voices of few will be heard
You'll be the keeper of fate
Hailing the venomous prophet of late
You'll be the fork in the tongue
You'll be the reaper of none
I never wanted to be counted with the others
I'm not afraid to be the only one alive
There is a rising, a new defining
To wake from the dead and defy
Don't let me hear you breathing
Crawling down my road

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