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A Fear I Used To Know - text


There was a time I had control
No chains around me
And inside I felt the calling, the pull
Too many times I gave my soul to faltering hands
To shadows that would take me, break me down

God only knows how I cope with the pain
Of holding my hands on the flame
And nobody knows if the feeling will stay
But you won't forget my name

There's a fear I used to know
Fear of loss in letting go
Now my blood is running cold
There's a fear I used to know
Fear that hollowed out my soul
The weight has taken toll

You drew a crown around my word
Left fate to drown me
And I thought I could dismantle, disarm
No matter how I cut my ties, I fracture inside
Compulsion will define me, grind me down

Let me catch my breath
Follow the path given to me
Must be something left
Under the wreck
Calling, pulling

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