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Start up the engines
The death race has begun
Filled up with ammo
Locked and loaded gun
No one can save you my friend
There’s nowhere to run
A thousand miles an hour
Adrenaline starts to flow
Ticking like a time bomb
Ready to explode
Speeding more and more, oh no!
The pressure will blow

Heading off the tracks
And drives you insane

A train with no brakes
The driver rings the bell
You hear it, you saw it
There’s nothing you can tell
It’s coming to town tonight
It’s here to raise some hell
Hide all the children
And lock up the doors
Sound the alarm
It’s coming with force
Fear, panic and pain
It has no remorse

Heading off the tracks
It’s thrashing your brain

Nuclear power
There’re ruins everywhere
Heading to next station
Yes, my friend beware
Fire and Demolition, Yeah!
It’s causing you despair
You think you can take it
Come on get on board
Join all the road crew
That’s what you’re looking for
Heading off the tracks again
We’ll come back for more

Heading off the tracks
And drives you insane

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