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The sands of time are falling
The colours are starting to fade
I still am not a rich man
Like I told you I would be
But through it all – you still believe
Through it all – you still smile
I would leave in the name of love
Let the road become my only one
You would let me live, while you would die
You took my abuse when I should’ve been left
You became my sanity when my mind had went
If there had been any with a Christ like spirit
It was you for me
Forgiveness flowed when I’d do you wrong
How I wish I could undo it all
But through it all – you still smile
Well I still don’t have much money
But we’ve never been any better
I guess what you said 10 years ago is true
That our love will last forever
When the day has overcome me
And we haven’t seen the light for awhile
Promise me one thing
That through it all – you’ll still smile

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