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The Annals of Subterfuge - text


Lies – spewing out in fury, seeking out the weak
Bold – authoritative stance, disguised as the meek
Made – to feel less than human, abnormal tendencies
Forced – to surrender life’s will, a lived expectancy

Kraft (German for “strength”) – Gerhosam (German for “Obedient”)

Will we live our lives plagued in guilt?
Or will we live on freedom promised?
Laws of stone or felt from the heart?

Cries – a voice in search of freedom, but bound by the will
Defeat – lifeless in the eyes, the lower self to kill
Pierce – a stab at the sky, find the voice within
Strength – Rise against the tide, make the Earth cave in

Fear – of the consequence, to make the needed change
Core – the center of your being, the hidden light engaged
Taunt – brave the new element, pay disparage no mind
Rise – from the dead land you’ve surmised, and pierce the sky!

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