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Sell Your Soul... - text


Shone forth from the light of day
Past returns to haunt me again
And doing it well I say
Weight barely lifted from cruel way in. Misery thrives on it.
The methodical heart of the never-ending sin
The size of it all overpowers the soul
Mind blocks of shadows taking its toll, oh me, oh no, not again
The scraping and toil to find my way
My heart ever yearning of these words to say
To your soul and mine
Crimes of passion burning deep inside
Light is just outside…
You don’t have to sell your soul
And give up all that you are
Condemned to conform
The mind and the thoughts of this world have raped your heart
You don’t have to sell your soul
And give up all that you’ll be
Better to die awake then to live asleep
Take His hand and feel pain no more
Be who you will be, even living among the thorns

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