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Lying on the floor
She could't sleep again
Staring at the ceiling
Trying to forget the pain

The love she found was so short lived
What she needed
They couldn't give
Love they said "mask's" a multitude of sin
But in their eyes
She couldn't win

Lindsey recalls the questions fine
But in her eyes
She cannot lie
Accusating fingers stand in line
But in her heart she begs the question why?

Sweet is the sound of grace
But her eyes were blinded
When she looked into his face
Passion played into her heart
Colliding with mercy
He played the part
And now he's gone
Only left his seed
On looking for more to feed his greed
Alone & lonely she sighs
Compromised her vows
Right under their eyes

The stares begin
She's called their bluff
Arms once wide
Are now folded up
The "whore's" cast out
She caused the ?pure? to fall
They might have left her
But she still hears the call

Lindsey recalls the questions fine
But looking back
She cannot lie
When the longest hour had arrived
No one was there to hear her cry...

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