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Slaves to the power of sin
once in captivity to darkness; spiritually dead
A voice cried from the top of a hill
"It is finished"!
It awakened those who were once dead
but now we live
For us
now we live a new life in freedom
not being enslaved by the power of any
Jesus' blood has made us free
but the battle still remains
we contend not with flesh and blood
but with spiritual darkness

For this we wage war
but not against man
This war is with darkness
and not against flesh and blood

The Holy Book makes it clear as to how
we ought to fight
put on the armor of God
not by your might
pray always with all supplication
in the spirit
to the pulling down of strongholds and
crushing of Satan's plan
For this we...

This war is not for wimps
the emaciated or the weak
it's for those who bear their cross and
believe the power of Jesus' name
a reality
It's a fight to let you know
about a man who gave his flesh and blood
to save your Hellbound soul

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