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A Little Sleep (w/ 12th Tribe) - text


(Rapps Galore)
Oh what a trip when it comes so swift,
drift into a state of tranquility,
but it’s my curse of fallacy,
flow trails of idiocy, hope gone astray,
can’t find it, nope, nope – no relief in the morning,
as I wake beggin for a string,
cling to the bottom of slumber,
the sluggard child hungers for a soul,
black this twisting sucking black hole,
clipped from the backside, Blindside is my pain,
woe and agony, dream catcher, come,
I show no strain I tip the unknown I join the same,
My picture frame, I can’t get away I can’t let go,
I’m slippin’ I’m slippin’ I’m gone – where do we go?

A little sleep a little slumber
a little folding of the hands to rest

Can you help me seem to feel a little split,
and there’s no reasoning, but the light still;
I flickering amongst the bricks -
Built on the high hopes of man,
search for his love but no one understands,
waiting for the dawn of change,
something simple for the temple,
I stand alone without explain keep me in the Darkest
staggering in the rain, drowning pain -
banging on the ark – something wrong inside
but the one who runs the rooms raised the tombs,
I can’t find – just another night with my friends,
Toss and turn I sleep in the day, I close my eyes
the sun burns, gotta find a way before I wither
hide and ditch away where do I go?

Stop, listen to the rage, cause it’s Deliverance
with a 12th Tribe pump – pump gauge -
Do I move ya back for another fill a dose from the
Ghost, can you feel the skills,
Puppets being pulled by the master,
strings of sorrow getting strummed by the swindler -
so don’t let me catch you in a slumber, cause my stuff
packed in the chamber – click – click – BOOM!

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