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Opposite View - text


We could be away from here
By ten o'clock tonight
Pennies won't get us to heaven, I know
But a borrowed car just might
Look through my wallet
There's enough for a hotel room
But no, no, no, you say
"I wanna stay in and get wet with you".

Why do you take the opposite view?

We could be different people tonight
Who do you want to choose?
I'll book a table in a suit and tie
And you can wear your sister's shoes
Look through my wallet
Which cities will we travel through?
But no, no, no, you say "You just got paid,
Money's not for wasting it's for holding onto".

Why do you take the opposite view?

Is it something in your nature
That makes it hard to say, "Baby, I do".
You don't have to agree
When someone says they love you
But you don't have to take
The opposite view

We can walk on the roofs tonight
And watch the midnight traffic flow
Unscrew the lightbulbs babe,
And we'll throw them from the 14th floor
I say we're yellow
If we don't do something new
But you just laugh and start filling up my glass
As if it's not true.

Why do you take the opposite view?

Every precious second is a chance to change
The present tense is perfect baby,
Let's rearrange it.

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