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Crashing Down - text


Well it might not be so important to you now
When the night is young and everyone's around
And the music flows
Through your doped up Disney mind.

But you'll be crying like a baby when it comes
And you will try it anyway you can
To find a place to run, 'cos it ain't no fun
In party town, when loneliness comes crashing down

And you'll be hurting in a way you can't explain
And all those pretty things you love will look so vain
'Cos the laughing crowd is such a hopeless sound
When loneliness comes crashing down

And you might not thing about
Just what happens now as your guests collect their coats.
In an empty house full of ashtray doubts
Your formless future floats

So the bad and beautiful still remain
With their depleted bounty of bad cocaine, we love the house
But we can't quite place the name

And it might not be important to you now,
When the night is young and you are loose and loud
'Cos there ain't no sound in party town
Quite like loneliness crashing down

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