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The Nemean Ordeal (Death of a Lion) - text

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I can see a man without a face looking at me
Eating my tongue, tearing me limb by limb
Divine fire I await for thy prime ordeal
Basilevs Basileon - Take this gift of flesh
Red thine lips with carnal wine
Lest I rest my head in flames’ embrace in crapulence
All hail the Lion and the faceless king
Champion of pain - Father of snakes
Whose waters I drink and never repent
And the graves are many
as stars they shine for all the gods to see
Shall I ever plead for mercy then hold no tomb for me
And the stars are many
yet all fall once they grow too great to be
Scatter my dust in the Desert of Shadows and leave
Still the Moon and the Sun keep shining
with their crescent smiles so strange
whipping the back of the great Lion
as if waiting for the times to change
Aeons withstand the change - They conquer time
With giants blowing the sands away
Through their temple of bones
my spirit remains dark amidst the day
It’s a death of the Lion, the King is dead
My soul at the gateway, building new path
damning the gods - unleashing their fury
now breaking away
Liberation at last, no sight of a lion
or torment one would remember
A mere settled dust in the wind, oh so tender ...

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The Nemean Ordeal


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