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Danielle Broccoli - text

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Yo wassup, it's Deji
A.K.A Night Flyer
I fly at night
That's, that's what I do
Don't mess with me if you see me at night
Catch me outside on my driveway
Fourteen year old bitch wanna come at me sideways
Bitch you should be in school, do your homework
I don't give a shit about you or your best verse
Just hit puberty, girl, do your breasts hurt?
Imm'a diss you casually in my best shirt
On a real though, you ain't worth a mil' yo
You owe your whole life to Dr. Phil bro
Dropping out of school when you're thirteen, obscene
You are not black, you are just clapped
Can't spell B-A-D, just quit
Jumping on tracks when you can't spit
You are lyrically shit
Your dad never wanted you, that's true!
He only comes running back 'cause he wants money too
My bars are so cold that I might catch the flu
Your eyebrows are shit, what the fuck's wrong with you
Listen here you prick, I don't like you
Get-Get the fuck off this platform, that's YouTube
You've been arrested multiple times you delinquent ass fool
No one even fucking likes you
You are not cool
I'll give you one or two years, you'll be irrelevant
And your fat mum will be craving that medicine
You're a skinny little shit, you're a skeleton
This track will leave you dead, no evidence
All your tattoos are shit and that's evident
Learn how to speak you nit ridden specimen
Always throwing hands with your mad temperament
I'mma send you to the past just like the old testament
That's all we have today
Fuck you, Danielle
You're lucky I didn't go too hard on you

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