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Realm Of Desecration - text

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Nothing is deadlier than the seed of religion
The kingdom of heaven the birthplace of sickness
Cast out into the raging fires
the ones denied revenge plot with all their cunning
Conjure the rivers of blood of seraphs beheaded
And i take the hand of the devil
His hailstorm infesting and widening resplendent forever
Redeemed by sacrilege i've become more divine
Kill under the callous moon
Terorrize ravage destroying the world
Break boundaries of their pain
Tormented lamenting in fire they weep
Rejoice in profanity the art of divination
I am the spirit the father the son
Entwined in desecration of their lies
voracious willpower destroying the trinity
Impious storm infernal scourge
Abort blessed cancerous growth
lament no more this is a war to reclaim this world
Cast out into our raging fires
The ones denied any mercy wail in pain
Bathing in the rivers of blood of dead seraphs
Ablaze the heavens avenge devour
Irreverence enthroned smothering godless tyranny
unvanquished curse flagellate all sanctity
Violate herd's beloved lord vitality multiplied a thousandfold

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