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Hostile Blood - text


Blood-blood all over
infecting whirls of furious anger
Have I woken or fallen asleep
Deeper into the maze of winding passages
Endless passages of hostile blood

Long deserted the abode of peace
No rest till daybreak comes
Devoured am I by hate
Digested in its mouth

Disturbed serenity descends into murky pits of
extatic joylessness
Disgust at what i have been watching
Undoubtedly will intensify

Armies of insects mental locusts
Taste our despise so persistent and

Fear did linger roaming through the soul
Creeping up on the flesh
Immunized i feel anatagonistic structures breeding
The blessed venom shield against itself seeping
into mind
brace yourself
Face the callous blade of my sharpest weapon

Text přidala AveSatanas

Video přidala AveSatanas

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