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Chasm Climber - text



Detested by mortality to piss on
In our mother's pain we came into being
Vital pure survival overwhelms our senses of
insatiable predators hunting prey

I fell down to my knees praising your dead body
Life you had given saved mine
life utilized to the bone

Pathetic existence gains meaning as we act
Reviving the spirit and crushing the flesh

Crawl on your knees rot in your stench
Mourn suffocate
Melt to liquid fade to nothing
Rust waste away

Those of my kind will dominate
Your breed repugnant
Unworthy of living of breathing of dying

Superior rule self preservation
Commands us in our pursuit
Atavistic drives keep leading the away
To stake a claim to sovereignty

Those of my kind will dominante
Your breed repugnant
Condemned to live to breathe to die...

Text přidala AveSatanas

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