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Battle for Dominance - text


Malice to the cowards terror to the weak
Nature marks its progress with splendid suffering

Primeval heaving mass coming to life
Invoke the whirlwind of creation
Release the hounds of hell
Propagate throught the route of depredation

Nature marks its progress with splendid suffering
Malice to the cowards terrors to the weak

From the predatory emptiness a cry for genocide
Hostility implicit in the very first scream of each newborn life

Carnivorous reality of the grand devourer
Destiny arrives on flaming wings
As the wealkings are swept away denied further life

With the balance upset the cycle restarts
New wonders of bloodshed configurate
Upon the godless barren land

From the deepest ocean trenches to the cold vacuum of space
Life carves its niche killing breeding surviving
Affirnation of the principle of total domination
Through strangulation of that which is other

Text přidala AveSatanas

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