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Lost Torso Found - text


When you find a rotten torso
Lying in a stinking bog

Be sure to check out the surroundings
And don't call the cops
Bring it home to your cottage
Ane feast on this delicacy

Wandering in the marshy grounds
Searchin for some leftovers
Putrid stench that leads your way
and reparations are already done

The dinner is served
You want it bad
You carve its bile
Motivated by your urge

Smell it, and squeeze out the stinking pus
Drink it, and gargle on the juicy yellow goo
Feel it, and caress this stinking piece of meat
Eat it, and feel the tender meat between your teeth

Now your home, in your calm cottage
All alone, you serve your dinner
Decomposed torso on a plate
This days fetch, your special menu

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