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Drastical Dismemberment - text


I have lived my whole fucking life by the book
But in my mind allways have known that I'm special
Met this girl, the girl of my dreams, very cute thing
But deep inside morbid thoughts of blood everywhere

At the wedding night i can't hold it back anymore
Clutching her neck
Suffocating, grasping for air
Sudden mental collapse
Her eyes roll back

Surgery made with kitchen knife and scissors
Separate breasts, slicing meat bashing head
With wrench
Drasticall dimemberment, slaughter
Total satisfaction for the first time of my life

And wrestling
With her dead body

Ged ready
For celebration

Ged ready
For mastication

And thriving
With decay
A dead girl's delight

At last i have lost the grip
In search of my true self
And let go of the sanity
And found my niche in life

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