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prepare for the future.
take a seat and crank this shit (this is a carnival)
there's more to the story than a worthless, crying, bitch (carnival of hopelessness)
you're realizing everything we know you're not (watered down nothingness)
depression, lame obsessions, ruining your life one tear at a time.
i used to think deep down you had the strength (i couldn't have been more wrong)
to overcome your greatest fears (you've got no strength to speak of)
i am among the demons who test the world (creolizing modern life)
making sure you know that you're nothing but a number.
this is the turning point of a fate unsealed.
uprooted from home, delivered to hell.
this is the struggle of finding my place in the stars.
father of gestation, carry me through my rise.
so prepare for the future.

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