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You Got It All Wrong - text


i don't have shit but i don'y t really give a fuck
i'll live a life of misery before i'm giving in
complacency and security
don't do a fucking thing for me
every freedom you think you've got was given
and just the same it can be taken away
ask yourself if your really free
with your pointless job and life of conformity

if you think they'll get me like they've gone and got you
then you got it all wrong you got it all wrong
if you think i'm ever giving up or ever giving in
you got it fucking wrong

it's been 23 years of the same old shit
and i still havn't found a way i can deal with it
you've tryed to knock me down with your authoity
but your fucked up fucking laws don't mean a thing to me
you say that i'm wrong but i know that i'm right
because what did any of your laws ever do for me
nothing but protection for the privilleged few
there's something i ain't got and it ain't nothing that i want

those rich fucking bastards still stand tall
while me and you we ain't got nothing at all
working and slaving getting nothing in return
don't you think it's about time the tables get turned
i don't want wealth or the american dream
it's all a sham i won't be part of that sceme
if you think that it's okay and you buy into that con
then fuck you to because you got it fucking wrong

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