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Final Hour - text


two flags fly in a blood red sky
under the same sun
flames roaring over shatter the silence
bringing hell from above
the end is nigh as you fall two your knees
and pray to your idols
your hopes and dreams all start to fade
there's no chance for survival's your final hour

two soldiers die from opposite sides
under the same sun
sworn to allegiance proudly they march
pawns of the system
spent rounds hit the ground as you fall to your knees
it's ashes to ashes
your hopes and dreams are carried away
like many before you's your final hour

protest alone or begging for peace
won't upset the system
as long as there are nations,leaders and gods
our days are numbered
a line has been dawn which side are you on?
it's a fight for survival
your fate lies before you
so stand and be counted
rise or fall your final hour

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