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A desolated land
Submerged in distress
Proper breeding ground
For barbarity
Twisted concept of
Ethnic hierarchy
A dormant discord
Is amplified
Propaganda to ignite
Morbid zest for action
Scapegoat is found
Contemptuously thrown to the lions
Unfortunate incarnation
Misplaced in space and time
Endangered by heritage
Wave of acrimony
Moving towards me
Hopelessly trapped in a corner
Marked to separate
From society
Locked up in claustrophobic quarters
A world filled with shock
Rumours becoming reality
A bitter fate
Enslaved and maltreated
To serve their oppressors
Exhaustion, Malnutrition, Resignation

Physical collapse, hope is shattering
Inefficiency puts your life at stake
From subservient to test subject
Medical advantage through dehumanization
Human guinea pigs with no chance for survival
Exploring boundaries of sensitivity
Intentionally infected with pathogens
Desexualized with corrosive acids
Injected into the uterus
Subject of lethal vacuum experiments
Merciless withdrawal of blood until veins are dry
Ends your dismal life

Unexpected salvation
Passages into
Total pleasantness
Free of your ravaged body
Transcendent beauty welcomes
To become one with bliss
As the smoke clears
Perpetrators are hunted down
Escaping your punishment
A retreat to distant shores
Natural death
After decades of dormancy
Convictions of
Righteousness taken to your grave
Entering a disturbing realm
Controlled by guilt and shame
Infernal images of your deformed victims
Ripping through your flesh
Timeless anguish to engulf
Your disembodied soul

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Videa přidal DevilDan

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