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Writhing in agony
Facing certain demise
Lying in a pit of severed limbs
Soon to be assimilated by the soil
A pawn to your leaders
Dictated by terms of good and evil
Injected convictions causing you
To fight a conflict that was never yours
Life spent in profane bliss
Aborting all thoughts
Of mortality
A vast punishing blow
Forced to abandon
All that was yours
Solid form
Brutal wounds
Forced into…Moments of contemplation
A shallow mind controlled by panic and despair
Pain induced…Delirium invoking grim hallucinations
Surreal impressions mixing with reality
A pit of despondent beings
Recognizing familiar faces of
Those dismally deceased
Lusting for my presence, selfishly…
Stench of decay
Is sensed
Phantom movement
Disembodied hands dragging me
Into the otherworldly mist
A soundscape of horrific moans
The passages
Into pleasantness
Magnetism of death
Sanity shattered
Propelled into
The state of
Earthly disseverment
Reintegration into nothingness
Earthly disseverment
Life fades in
Through decompose
Drawn into uncertainty

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