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Narcotic ingestion
Severs threads of sanity
Momentary impulse
Now eternal prison
Terror consumes as the will to survive begins to rage
Overwhelmed with fear fury is released
Faces now distorted and empty
Sense of being slips as hell takes over
Thermal oblivion hoisted
Unveiling an
Eternal underworld
Letting go of hope
Embrace pain as your new ruler
Escaping the clutches
Of one's own mind is now impossible
Complete mental chaos

Is the only option
With menacing entities
Blurred images race towards
Confusion forcing defence
Striking out viciously to thwart attack
Nails tearing flesh
Gouging out eyes and ripping at neck tissue
Knuckles breaking teeth
Survival is the only lucid thought
Crepitus sounds bones shattering
Running to evade, to no avail
Images continue to engage
Submission is inevitable,
Eternal conscious asylum
Submit to insanity

Text přidal FatalisE

Video přidal DevilDan

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