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I've been trying to find a way to do it best to release
this tension weighing It's weighing on my chest
And I don't need to wonder anymore at all
The words that you speak to keep me believing
Just let this turn to hate
So I can push this all away
Because I swear that I'd have better luck talking to
and staring at the walls
I only stepped outside to collect myself
I just had to catch my breath
And that's when you lost control
Like right then you'd had enough
So you locked me out I had no choice,
what was I supposed to do
I created all the static that you're clinging to
And it's something that you're not used to, at all
There is the fondest memory of you inside me
that I can't seem to shake, I can't seem to shake
There is the fondest habit that's deep inside of me
that I can't seem to break, I can't seem to break

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