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Hip Boots - text


You can bury me up to my knees in shit
Or anything else… I don’t mind a bit
You think I’m gonna drown but you’re wrong
‘Cos man I got my hip boots on

Get your ass in the water and swim like me
It’s the only way you’re going free
If you blink an eye I’m down the road and gone
It’s plain to see that I don’t belong

I got my hip boots on
And it’s so cool
It’s beautiful

Those rusty chains can’t tie me down
‘Cos man I got my hip boots on

I never give it up
Tear it up
Rip it up
Can’t get enough
Oh yeah…

Before that shit starts going down
When I hear the dogs I go to ground
That’s me high steppin’ through the swamp
That’s why I got these hip boots on

I got my hip boots on
It’s so cool
It’s beautiful
And it’s so cool

Text přidal dangerboy

Video přidal Marshmello21


Deep Purple texty

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