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You want me to explain
how i've been struggling?
And how my self esteem
has fallen out of bed
Inside i feel a mess,
my thoughts betray me
I keep thinking time has passed
when the hour has stayed the same
I am fucking low
And it hurts far too much to be dead
You're so beautiful
and i'm nothing more than a speck
I'm starting to feel small
Cuz You're much bigger than me
I watched how you grew tall
while sitting in your chair
My heart keeps acting up
it's pretty scary
am i really what you want?
i wish i didn't care,
please don't get me wrong
but somehow it's beginning to hurt
i just don't think it's fair
how you silently speak thought my words
My words
I think i've said too much,
i feel so emotional
i'm so stupid it must make you sick
to even believe in me
Are you even there?
Have you been feeling low?
but you're weaker than you will admit
i think you've beautiful
but one day my face you'll forget
cause i'm nothing more than a speck

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