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I knew rigth from the moment that we met
you'd be the girl that i could never forget
You were so cool i just wanted to be a friend
Not knowing this would all come to an end. Hey !
I started slipping heavy into your mind
I knew you throught about me cause i could feel you all the time
i can see it in your face when you wanted my attention i would give it all away
And if you wanted me to follow your game, well i should have better when i hopped that last train.
Hey!!! Hey !!! Hey !!!
Yeah you it's me i know i jumped way ahead confusing your pursuit, i should of know that was next
You seemed so sure, you seemed so rea,l you seemed so good
it happened so fast i barely had time to look
Way out into the city skies
we went there together but it's me that's acting high
Hey!!! Hey !!! Hey !!!
I've been sitting here while you walls away
i wrote you a few love songs so there's nothing left to say
you made it seem like you so into me
Nothing can express it, so when you gotta leave yeah.
I never know when you're telling the truth, but now i see you baby
and i'm coming for you
Hey!!! Hey !!! Hey !!!

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