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William h. bonney - text


Everyday a brand-new masquerade
In every page -
A perfect lie that lies in wait.
Save the best mask for me.
Open door, you're free to take the world.
But make no mistake -
You've got to find your soul to save your self
I am Illuminatus.

Oh yeah, I'm sure my dad can lick your dad,
Your mother wears army boots man
Your sister's been with everyone.
No ma'am that must have been
Someone else then
I'm the one call the door mouse
They call me "kid insatiable"

Open hand, remember who's the man
If you make a fist -
Prepare to bring the gun, and in it's wake
To lose the life you wanted.

Soldier boy, hey watcha fightin' for?
Is it you or me?
Did you join the corps to prove yourself?
Well all our prayers are with you.

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Deep Blue Something texty

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