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Light the fuse - text


We could still wait to see what happens
But judging by the state of things
Nowhere is peace in surplus, God knows.
"I don't think that I can watch the news."
Honey wait 'Cops' is on.
"This isn't the world we ordered."
I know, well Honey wait - I think that that's our street.

If things have gotta change, well that's cool with me
We'll just light the fuse and then get away.
If things have gotta change, it's cool with me.
It's cool with me.

She then extends a desponded hand
I fumble for the remote
I don't really think it's that bad.
"We'll never know. Its surprising murder's
not a team sport."
I think it's on channel 9, but it's not like they've made
A game show out of sex crimes.
"This is America, baby just give it time!"

"Dear I'm feelin down. We gotta get out now."
Bill won't let us down. He's gonna save us...

Just set it off.

Text přidala DeAd.AnGeL


Deep Blue Something texty

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