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The Resonance - text


Living pulse... the birth of light
Forward evolution into destinies
Echo of beginnings... time... space... matter...
Pineal alchemies awaken the dream of imagination
The dream of dreams... of everything
The synapse
Within the mind
Of creation

Countless stars are born
Mirrored by worlds within
The living suns of eternities... light

Force of gravity
The eternal core
Universal center
The micro-physics of subatomic relativity

One/soul eternal branching outward replicating itself through repetition
Unknown ancient forces
Energies released
Emerging of polarity's frequencies of thought

The patterns deform
Balanced in the paradox of... contradictions
Symbiosis of opposing elements
Coexisting creations of synergy

Reproduction living matter
The displacement of existence
Casting thought across the figments of time

Voices cry throughout the multi-verse
Living vibrations resound
The wake of the eternal constant

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