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Lost in the sky of the thirteen moons
Behind the light of a thousand suns
I am lost but my heart guides me
On my journey through the mind-scape ethereal
Labyrinth of Penumbra...
Dream time world of shadowed light
Psychotropic plane of consciousness
Within my present eclipse of
I cast my gaze to the dark horizon
I hear the whispers from beyond
I see the voice that speaks with light
My heart guides me through the shadow
Following the winds of the serpents voice
Mystified... I stand in awe
Voices speak from the four directions
The four voices
Of the spirits breath / Guide me step by step
Behold the mystic vision of grand design
Great mother of creations light shines
Ancient daughter of the seven suns
Speaks to me in the ancient tongue
Ancient words to the spirits song
Of the ancient journey from Atzlan
Raven cries from the black night sky
The ancient elders give me sight
That i may see both far and wide
As i walk through time devoid of light
Step by step i am to relive all of my past lives
One by one i walk again
Through the nine worlds of the seven suns
Drifting in the currents of the twin rivers of life
My heart guides me...guides me inward
Into the light of the seven suns
Where the ten thousand things are but one
Into the sacred mountain
The sacred temple of the great mother
The crystal cavern heart of the earth
Alive in spirit beyond the flesh
I walk alone in my afterlife
I descend behind the world of light
The final cusp of my seventh sun
I align my heart within the living circle
of life...and all things
Blessed by the sacred medicine
I take my soul forward
I follow my heart - Into my descent
Into the portal...of mind...Sipapu

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