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Shroud of Impurity - text


The shroud transcends
Crippling all in it's path
Corrupting the hearts of man
Segregation of souls

The ageless form emerges
The ancient powers, unbound by time
Bestowing judgment - infinite reign

(time/few will live)
(times/to congregate)
(half of time/in opposition)
The prophecy becomes

Duality within, mirroring dimensions

A division of two separate truths both must be, pure, impure
(human beings, mutilated/sacrificing human beings) for belief
Balance of powers, unbalanced. Desecration of time

Atmospheric layers dissolve
Blackened ash shrouds the sky

Overshadowed by the now

Desecrated creation
All that was has come to pass
Wrongs that can not be undone
Earth is altered

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Video přidal DevilDan

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