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Reflection of Emotions - text


I was
I am
and will forever be

Reflections of time that once was
And time that will carry all on

Parallel dimensions cross within me

I reflect

The eye opens wide my visions of omnipotence and understanding

Falling into and out of existence
As light surrounds my soul

I see the pain of innocence and the guilt of sin
Billions of aeons joined together through me

To recreate matter
And bring forth solitude to my elite

Follow my light
And we will
All is as one

To learn from the past
And give to the future
A perfect concept
Will bring your energies to me

Pain and pleasure redefined
Anger and forgiveness no longer disported
All questions answered
All symbols of life removed
To better serve my purpose
And so I am

Reflection of Emotion will manifest into the existence of my infinity

Life after life

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