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Mirroring Dimensions - text


Shadowed recess between the realms
Living planes of existence
Writing the song of creation
Synchronized alignment of time

I feel my mind expanding
Into the universe... I once created
Opening the psyche
Beyond the pattern of thought

Into the pre-embryonic dream
Eras of conception
Images of creation
Mirrored forever

Dreaming of existence
Images... in context
Rendered figments of thought
Memories of what was to be
Psychedelic awareness of the soul's eye
The portal consumes my mind
Altering perspective

Dreams of life... death and rebirth
Thought descends into self born

Destinies ellipse as light returns
Retrograde of life begins again
Awakening the pineal gland
Spirit molecule of the mind's dream

Visions of many worlds
Hearts beat in unison
Spans of time...eternities
Histories begin... origins end
Eternal cusp of tomorrow
The monochrome planes of a broken existence
Under a shattered sky
Reborn into the light of a new world

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