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Born into this world
Under an early sun
A mortal man of the ancient kingdom... earth
Walking in the dream of the vine
The lucid path of vision
I see a garden of shadows with no way out
Within the worlds of my dream
I seek the essence of my being

I transcend the realms... unknown before
Dimensions open before me
Absorbed/dissolved into the light of
Universal understanding

Cursed to live forever... burning from inside
My flesh is turned to fire... my eyes to blinding light

Awakened in my dream to the sound of my own scream
Metamorphosis... transformation... mutation
Who am I... what am I

Reaching out with my mind
Seeing the mysteries
Touch the origin
My mind transcends mortality
Displaced behind the prism of light
Falling into the eye of the paradox
I become the center of time

I am the balance... I am the eye
I am reborn... beyond the body
Beyond the pattern... beyond horizons
Beyond the light... divinity
Knowing the secret of creation
The universe within the flower of life
Five patterns of existence
Vibration of eternity

Past futures... emerge from the present
Lost forever inside my mind

I am eternal
Foundation of time and space
One becomes one inside the circle
Bearing the ancient scrolls of existence
I am destiny

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