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Awakened from the dream
Face to face with my livid memories
Breaching the fabric of the creation
I see the ageless form before me
A reflection of myself

I see my eyes and in them

The orb of light
Where the three points collide
Worlds upon worlds multiply
(within/outside) themselves
The point from which dimensions flow
Unity achieved through alchemy
Countless images of myself
Staring back (into/from in) my soul

Mind and soul merge
Evolve my conscious
Unity unparalleled through time
Through out all of the worlds I remain the chosen
I am the concept of god... creation
The light of deception is the nexus of time
The nexus of my creation
Eternal illusion

The gateway to the paradox... infinity
Evolved through imagination
I emerge
I emerge in my true form
Consciousness without self
Invoking life within
The portal of my dreams

I see the cycle

(I see/I am) the spectrum
(I see/I am) the circle unending

I am the light
The nexus
I am the though beyond (infinity/eternity)

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