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Epicenter of creation
I've entered the dream into pre-conception
The rippled effect distorts the deception
Within the seven mirrors of self reflection
Grounded in the foundation of the emerald rose
The gateway to light infinity...
I open my being and my mind lets go
I begin my ascent to understanding...
Into my psyche I am pulled
Consumed, crushed in the weight of the wisdom, knowledge, understanding
Lysergic Acid Diethlamide...
With the sacred key I open a doorway...
I enter unto the amber glow of the sun and Earth
I begin my ascent to understanding...
Into my psyche I am pulled
Walking the path of new experience...
In the sacral connection I accept the other
Psilocin / Psilocybin
Psilocin confident and in control
I engage the matter of creation
The golden light of the soul neuron... life
Salvinorin A... divinorum
To see the divine...
Balanced upon the fulcrum of the physical and the spirit I precipitate the astral realm
Reborn in my second awakening
Within the emerald sphere
Infinitely finite I move matter and space... I create
Reawakened within a sea of the sky
I am swallowed within the full spectrum
I hear my voice inside the mantra
Om mani padme hum
Upon the night sky my spirit soars
The pineal eye of God is focused
I see myself in the seventh mirror
(I am the reflection of creation / I am the gateway to the path of truth
I am the path into the light
I am the light into the soul
I am the soul reawakened / I am reawakened into the prism
I am the prism of ten thousand things / I am the reflection of creation)

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