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(A Departure of the Sun) Ignite the Tesla Coi.. - text


Voices coalesce into form
Hearing the whispers of eternities
Silent voices inside of me

Visions of my past lives

Recall the images
Thoughts awaken in me

Questioning my sense of reason
Hearing my lost memories
Guided by my sense of purpose
Forward into destiny
I consume the portal
I transcend the veil... light
I transfigure into... origins
I see my body transforming before me
Emerging into the four faces of god

Into the rift
To touch the outer worlds
Drifting the planes outside dimension
Within the living dream of divine sight

Behold the temple... resurrected
The constellation has risen
Awaking the keepers of the magnetic arch of time
Transform into existence and light

The calculation of cosmic alignments
Rebirth of the sol in galactic horizons
Reformation... the five planes of the earth
Altering the eternal harmonics of the creation
Written constellations
Rebirth of our consciousness
Memories of self diminish
Essence of creation

Birthed again
Symbol of infinity
Through the time continuum
Birthed again of the ancient ones
Transforms into light existence
Erosion of energies
Through our all
Birthed again

Finite... countless minds
Paralleled within the spectrum of my imagination
One image of ageless form
The seed of light and the seed of time
Returns to one
Life is reborn again

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