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Peach Milk - text

Now you want to play some heart strings
Took your time and [?]
My clothes were old
My skin was cold and bruised
But you were so cold and sweet
My favourite thing

Drag me
To the sea
Hold me

Call you in with invitation
My things always looked better on you
Because nothing fit me
Nothing fell into place
But you found me out the blue and I had a taste

Lying on the backseat of your car
We watched the sky till it gets dark
I feel your heart searching for mine
Your green eyes traced the power lines
Lying on the backseat of your car
I trace the tattoo on your arm
I found myself in a new place
It was worth the wait

We dont have the answers
Just [?] until your quiet
Dont have a care more for anything
In this moment

Drag me
To the sea

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