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I felt weird one day when I was a kid
I couldn't catch my breath as I usually did
I felt sick

I'm in a waiting room, so aware of my health
I must have been fourteen, would have been
Anywhere else
If I could

When will I be seen?
What is wrong with me?

I've got a hole in my heart
The blood will fall out
They say I'm sick, what they talking about?
I've got a pain in my head
Don't make any sense
I lay in my bed and wonder
Where the past ten years went

I spend a lot of my time alone in a daze
My heart skips a beat then it palpitates
When I'm nervous

When will they tell me what is wrong with me?
‘You're worked up over absolutely nothing'

There's nothing wrong with me

‘What were you worried about?
We would have figured it out'

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