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I love You - text


Verse 1:
I love you
I don't wanna hear a sad ballad tonight amidst the stormy weather
I love you
We have run away for caresses in the night, coming to life
It's not like we were handed everything on a silver platter
Nothing but two stray cats shaking in the dark,
Raking through the leaves and looking for a place just a little bit better,
Flickering our eyes in the thick of the night, following the sparks

I've got to tell you now my darling, as we hold each other upon
The creaking woodenboards that we rest our bodies on
If we just close our eyes together now, that will get us through somehow
That our love won't scar from any sad song they sing, or the troubles they bring

Text přidala RoseDawson

Video přidala RoseDawson

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