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Wolves of the North - text


To war we are marching forth
Fighting battles in the north
To rape and kill and murder
Our gods want the slaughter
Coming forth, bringing pain
With swords and axes, bloodstained
Murderour intent, the will to kill
Battle gives the ultimate thrill
The southern pups mutilated
Their women raped and violated
Coming down from the mountains
Riding through storms and northwinds
Clad in armour, armed for war
Spilling intestines, blood and gore
We are the doomriders from hell
Marching to a screaming bell
Endless warrior horder on the horizon
Changing the landscape to a warzone
Drenching the snow in blood
Thousands of victims left to rot
Fell creatures from before the dawn of men
We are the butcher clan
We are armed with hammers and axes
To break the skulls of the wretches
Full of wrath, coming from the mountains
Clad in dark runes and warpaint
Unholy quest for power
Mankind's darkest hour
Riding the steed of the apokalypse
Torturing slaves with iron whips
United by might
Ready for the fight

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