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Time to rape - To kill for blood
Feed on you - Rip you apart
Cut you motherfucker - Out of the womb
And then break your fucking - Cranium
Exterminate - Scorch and burn - Hellspawn hordes
Vaporized - Warpchrist - Warriors
Raping - Killing - Ripping - Corpse devouring
With axes and swords


Bloody handed savagery
Crazy fucked up butchery
I feel a hot rush
Of fucking bloodlust
Searching for nourishment
I follow your human scent
I see your screaming features
Of your prayer mumbling sob-sisters


Bestial face
With a demonic gaze
It's a real gorefest
The end of all weakness
The world shall be bathed in blood
Time for decay and rot
From the warp's depth's
We bring brutal death


Spawn - Killing scum
Spawn - For you I come
Spawn - Guttural barks
Spawn - Bloodlust
Spawn - Hell's fire
Spawn - Demon's spire
Spawn - Funeral bell
Spawn - God of hell

Text přidala Devilry

Video přidal paja65

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