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Savage Mortician - text


Madness screams
Of demon creatures
With killing features
The dark adept
Is bonded by blood
By our god
He's creating monsters
Warriors of iron
And warped mother are crying
Cruel and brutal
Hate eternal
Demons infernal
Bringer of war
Bringer of desecration
Our commitment of mutilation
We are death and sorrow
Death mechanized
We'll end humanity brutalized
We make you bleed
We are warriors of steel
Before us you'll kneel
We rip your flesh
We commit every crime
That are the end times
We are skinning fat things of their skin
To create more warriors of our kin
We kill and burn, torture and maim
That's what we born for, to bring the pain
In a dark citadel
In our iron hall
Human life exterminators
Humanity will fall
Putting the skin on the frame
Born again the unfleshed and maimed
To walk against humanity
To end all things in anarchy

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