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Killing Is Our Culture - text


A monster killing it's own kind
Only violence on it's mind
A 1000 billions dollars for weapons of war
Another million heads for the lord of gore
Another genocide out of spite
And the killers even think they are right
A whole industry is living off the fight
And there is no end in sight

Motherfuckin' hell

Weapons of mass destruction
Biohazard, the end times
Like a film of science fiction
A city destroyed with an atomic bomb
Just another crowded tomb
Has Chambers of Auschwitz, the rape of hanjing
Afghanistan burns, the corpses stink
Just another war on the list
Politicians rule with and iron fist

Motherfuckin' hell

Killing is our culture
Another time, another genocide
Another frontline, another death to decide
Yes we are mankind
And we like the death of our own kind
Killing is our culture

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